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A Message About Mulching
by Miller's Lawn Care Team
A lot may think that mulching is simply cosmetic, but it has a lot more to offer! Not only does it make lawn and tree maintenance easier, but it also provides benefits underneath all the action...

Soil Temperatures
In order to properly care for trees, mulch needs to be used. Trees are very sensitive to high summer temperatures, so, when the Indiana weather causes soil temperatures to rise to 100-108 degrees, most tree roots start to die. This mainly happens in the upper area of the soil. This is where the mulch comes in. Having a 3" or more layer of mulch around the tree can reduce soil temperatures by up to 10 degrees! This will allow your tree roots to grow and flourish beneath the soil. 

Other Benefits
There are many other benefits of adding mulch to your yard as well. Mulched soil retains moisture much better than bare soil around trees. Soil erosion and wash-out around trees can also be minimized by adding mulch. It also reduces soil compaction and can even improve soil structure as time passes. All in all, there's not a lot that mulch doesn't do to help your soil quality!

Here's Some Options...
You may be thinking, but what type of mulch should I purchase? What type is best for what type of soil? Well, we've got your answers! Organic mulch choices include bark chips and shredded bark, which is readily available commercially, wood shavings, saw dust, peat moss, cocoa hulls, straw or pine straw, rice hulls or crushed corn cobs, and yard waste, like leaves, grass and twigs. Clearly using yard waste is not the best option if you are wanting to spruce up the appearance of your yard. Inorganic mulches include gravel, a variety of sheet materials, like plastic, and other types of shredded rubber or tires.

So, with all of these benefits mulching provides, Miller's Lawn Care suggests mulching your yard every year as part of your annual yard maintenance. Combine mulching with lawn aeration and fertilization to keep your lawn healthy and happy all year long...

Getting the Lawn You Have Always Wanted
by Miller's Lawn Care Team
Want to have a great lawn this summer to host all of your parties in? We want you too, so here are some things to do this spring to make that happen:

This is always a good rule of thumb. You have to get rid of the fall and winter debris in order to get your lawn in top shape come summertime. Rake deep to remove dead grass, leaves, debris, and mud.

Your grass can't grow if it can't absorb water and nutrients directly. Aeration is the best way to break up that compaction.

Lawn health is only achieved with a favorable soil pH level. Your lawn care provider (like us!) can take a sample of your soil and apply the correct lime-based product to improve the soil health. 

The weeds have taken shelter in your lawn over the winter months; its time to hand deliver their eviction notice! Pull them out by the roots. Herbicides are a great option here. 

If there are any barren patches in your lawn, over seeding is the best way to start new grass growth. 

Lastly, fertilization is key. Hopefully this was done to your lawn last fall as well. Spring fertilization is the time to prevent weeds from sprouting up all summer long. 

Follow these steps to a beautiful lawn and you'll be reaping the benefits for years to come.  

Snow Removal: Quality v. Price
by Miller's Lawn Care Team
Obviously there's a lot of snow providers out there, so when it comes down to it, who do you choose? The company who has prices that are a little lower? Or the company with the dependable service team?

At Miller's Lawn & Landscaping, we believe it's the latter. Snow removal services take a highly dependable team to make sure its done correctly and promptly. We take our time to make sure our equipment is ready early in the fall, so that when the snow hits, and as we've seen this winter, it can hit hard, we're ready to go. We purchase our salt in advance to stay ahead of the game, and to make sure we can make the most of our time and resources when the storm arrives.

We want to make sure we service each customer properly, so we have a detailed list of who gets what. Don't need salt on the sidewalks? Prefer to have us standby throughout the night to make sure your lot is cleared? No problem. We give all of these detailed instructions to our team to ensure the best possible service. 

Not only that, but we make sure you're happy and inspect our work after we're done. If something isn't up to standard, we'll make sure it's corrected. Our dedicated team wants to make sure that each and every customer is satisfied with our work. 

We appreciate all of our customers and we thank you for choosing Miller's for your snow removal services.